Long ago the core of DuBois was built around logging, mining, and beer. DuBois has a rich tradition of brewing. It has been decades since beer was brewed on an industrial scale in DuBois. The long dry spell has come to an end. Doc G’s Brewing Company was created to get DuBois back to its roots. Doc G’s is a place where great food, beer, and friends come together to create a true community gathering center. We are proud to bring this tradition back to DuBois and strive to be the pride of the community.

DuBois Lumber Yard1

Jeff Gilbert -Founder

I was born in DuBois Pennsylvania in 1975 and grew up in a very loving middle class family. I was taught at an early age that a strong sense of community was very important part of our town.

My father has served our community for many years through the fire department, member of city council, our church, and mayor. I am very proud of my father and want to continue with his community service. I became a member of the DuBois Fire Department at age 18 and I am still a proud active member for over 20 years.

Although I have lived all over the commonwealth, DuBois is and always will be my home town. I have always had a strong desire to contribute to DuBois. That time has come and my wife and I are proud to bring brewing back to DuBois.

Please help support our effort to bring jobs and vitality to our downtown. Let’s create a town square atmosphere that builds a strong sense of community built on our heritage of brewing in DuBois.

Jen Gilbert -Founder

Jen Gilbert grew up near Pittsburgh, PA and met and married DuBois native Jeff Gilbert while living in the Philadelphia area. She, like Jeff, has lived all over the state of Pennsylvania. She left PA for a period of time to join the Army, spending much of her active duty time at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. After spending a number of years in the Army including a deployment to Iraq, she returned to her PA roots to raise a family.