That old smokestack. Do you remember that old smokestack? The legendary DuBois Brewing Company and that old smokestack represented the core of my hometown, DuBois, PA. It represented blue collar hard work and a sense of community. This was the foundation of DuBois. The day that smokestack crashed to the ground, a shudder shot through the hearts of the town. The DuBois Brewing Company would be no more.

Things obviously were going to change. Some for the better and clearly some for the worse. Fortunately, the local economy at that time was in full bloom and it was all surrounding our local mall. The mall culture thrived for 30 years. As teenagers, we would roam the endless halls and the maze of department stores. The night would culminate at the arcade until closing time. People from a 50 mile radius would come to DuBois every weekend for their shopping and entertainment. My hometown was truly in the midst of a modern-day gold rush.

The mall culture has come and gone. There is no real reason to make the road trip to DuBois on the weekend. Everything one needs is now purchased on a smart phone and delivered to your doorstep. As a consequence, my beloved childhood home has suffered an economic downturn. My heart is saddened to see friends and neighbors’ businesses close on a scale never imagined. Empty, decaying buildings now stand as monuments of the DuBois glory days.

However, hope has a taste and what was old is new again. We planted Doc G’s Brewing Company in DuBois with the hope and passion that the golden city will roar back to life! The craft beer industry has its own unique culture that draws people from near and far. You can help breathe life into our town. Come taste the beer, eat at our local restaurants, and enjoy our athletic facilities. The rise of the old sleeping giant, DuBois, is upon us.


Doc G

Jeff Gilbert -Founder

beer01Jeff Gilbert was born in DuBois (locals pronounce it as “DEW-boys”), Pennsylvania in 1975 and grew up in a loving, middle-class family. He was taught from an early age that a strong sense of community was an important part of living in DuBois.

Jeff’s father has served the DuBois community for many years as a member of the fire department, the city council, their local church and as the mayor. Jeff’s pride in his father compels him to continue with his own community service in DuBois. He became a member of the DuBois Fire Department when he was 18 and remains an active member today.

Although Jeff has lived all over the commonwealth, DuBois will always be his hometown. A strong desire to contribute to his hometown motivated Jeff and his wife, Jen, to proudly bring brewing back to DuBois with Doc G’s Brewing Company and Taproom.

We welcome your support of Doc G’s efforts to bring jobs and vitality back to downtown DuBois. Together, we can create a town square atmosphere that rebuilds a strong sense of community built on the heritage of brewing in DuBois.


Jen Gilbert -Founder

beer01Jen Gilbert grew up near Pittsburgh, PA. She met and married DuBois native, Jeff Gilbert, while living in the Philadelphia area. She, like Jeff, has lived all over the state of Pennsylvania. She left PA for a short period of time to join the Army, with much of her active duty time spent at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. After a number of years in the Army, including a deployment to Iraq, Jen returned to her PA roots to raise a family. She is proud to be a part of bringing brewing back to DuBois, PA.